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100 questions about me

~*100 questions about me*~ by gdluvnchick
~Basic Info~
Name:: Anders
Age:: 17
Sex:: Male
Height:: 1.89 m
Hair Color:: Dark Blond
Eye Color:: Greenish Blue
Body Type:: Medium I say
Religion:: Christian
Ethnicity:: Skandinavian
Orientation:: Straight
Status:: Single?
Color?: Blue
Hair Style?: My normal hair?
Food?: Pizza
Soda?: Coca Cola. I think I’m getting addicted
Alchoholic Beverage?: Hot N’ Sweet
Store?: EBgames – Fona
Mall?: Ro’s Torv
State?: Florida
City?: Pyong Yang – Capital of North Korea
Animal?: Cat
Movie?: Grandma’s Boy
TV Show?: The Simpsons
Book?: Dan Brown
Music?: Metal
Song?: Many songs.
Band/Artist?: Nightwish – Sonata Arctica
Website?: http://www.nettosex.dk?
~This or That~
Soda or Juice?: Soda of course
Music or Internet?: Internet. You can listen to music on the internet 😛
Rock or Rap?: Rock – Hate rap
Dogs or Cats?: Cats
White or Black?: Black now – A Year Ago White
Myspace or Bebo?: Facebook?
Cell Phone or I-pod?: iPod
Curly Hair or Straight Hair?: Straight hair
Lap-Top or Computer?: Computer at daytimes – Laptop at nighttimes
Corded Phone or Cordless?: Cordless
Mountain Dew or Pepsi?: Mountain Dew
Pen or Pencil?: Pencil
MP3 Player or I-pod?: iPod
Phone or Internet?: Internet
Single or Taken?: Single
School or Work?: School
What do you do on your spare time?: Using computer – Playing trumpet
What do you wish you had more time for?: My friends?
Whats your usual clothing style?: Normal
Whats your usual hair style?: What it looks like when I get up
What are you wearing?: Black Det’ en OM’er shirt, and jeans
Are you single or taken?: How many times do I have to answer this
If taken, by who?: Too many times.
Who would you die for?: My friends
Are you a virgin?: Yes
What do you think of one night stands?: Good, if you never see her again. Else not.
Whos your best friend?: Lot of really good friends.
How long have you been friends?: My group has been friends for 3 years now.
How did you and your best friend meet?: In a cardclub
Do you have any pets?: Yes
If yes, how many?: 1 cat
Do you plan on getting married?: Yeah, I think so
Do you plan on having kids?: Maybe
If so, how many?: 2-10
How old did you wish you were?: 16, so I would turn 17 before I go to high school, so I could take drivers license and get it home for free.
If you were to be anywhere right now, where would you be?: In my chair
Why?: I like my chair
Ever gone Camping?: Yeah.. In -10 C.
Have you ever caught a fish and ate it?: No
Have you ever gone water skiing?: No
Have you ever gone water tubing?: What is that
Have you ever gone skiing on a mountain?: No
Have you ever gone tubing on a mountain?: What is TUB?
Have you ever gone Snowboarding?: No
Ever gone to church?: Yeah.
Ever gone to a famous water park?: Does Lalandia count?
Ever gone out of State?: Yeah
Ever gone out of the country?: Yeah
When was the last time you left town?: This weekend
Anything you got planned for this weekend?: Yes
If so, what?: Playing to a Confirmation
Is this survey curing your bordom?: No
Do you resemble anyone famous?: What?=
Are you related to anyone famous?: Does 2 Tsunami victims count?
If so, who?:
Do you think your hott?: Not really
Do other people think your hott?: Ask them
Do you think your skinny?: NO
Or do you think your fat?: A little
Or just in between fat and skinny?: More like that. But maybe I should go on a diet
What year were you born in?: 1991
Ever been on a blind date?: No
What do you enjoy doing when your bored?: Watching Disney Channel
What do you do in the summer time?: Staying Inside and playing computer. Swimming
Are you naturally tanned?: No
Or are you kinda pale?: Yeah.. Albino pale 😀
Do you live in a house?: Yeah
Or do you live in a apartment?: No
What do you have on your mind?: These questions are really stupid
What time is it?: 19:08 the 23rd of april
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1. Marie - July 23, 2007

I’ve never found those silly survies usefull when trying to “cure” boredom either.

2. Selly - September 1, 2008

hey i play trumpet too… how cool.lol so nice to meet you… im selly… im from Australia though.lol send me an email or something maybe hey? lol sel. xox

3. WHITNEY! - September 3, 2008


4. saRa - October 28, 2008

haha…. i watch disney channel too when im bored 😛

oh i googled “what happened to tarja” and got ur blog so…. hi 😛

5. ZOHAIB - July 9, 2009


6. Erin - October 11, 2010

You really don’t know what tubing is?–You mustn’t live anywhere near snow. Do you?

7. manpreet - May 4, 2011

hi ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha are u mad

8. Megan - June 22, 2011

Haha hahahahahahahahhahahaa

9. Soniya Bajaj - September 20, 2011

feeel with our lifeeeeeeeee

10. Muskan - January 18, 2012

nice but funny

11. Muskan - January 18, 2012

i to watch disney & c.n

12. Jack - August 23, 2012

Who on earth could actually be bothered to read all that shit? I was searching for question that ‘I’ could answer, not some random bloke off the internet.

13. fun - July 19, 2013

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