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I love mondays, friends and nightdresses :P March 6, 2007

Posted by Anders in Friends, Future, Monday.

Many people hate mondays, and so did I. Until I experienced yesterday. It was so hillarious to be with Felix, Line and Louise to FDF. We had so much fun by singing karaoke to old danish Eurovision Song Contest Songs. Well, I didn’t get the first place with my “band”, but I did get an extra price, because I performed so good (and maybe a little embarrasing :P) on the stage, without knowing half of the people. Thats what is good (or bad) about me. When I’m having fun, I can almost do anything, even if it means I have to be embarasing. I do it as long as I think it is funny.

 I have done many embarasing thing in the past few years. Last time was at New Years Eve. I got so drunk, that could barely stand on the big trampoline Louise had. They were just jumping around me, and we had a lot of fun. Anyway, that’s not the embarrasing part. When we finally got to bed, I had forgotten my nightshirt. Louise found an old nightdress of hers, and I was drunk enough to accept it. So the next day, when her parents gets home, who is the first to enter the dining room..? ME… In nightdress of course. Well, I didn’t do too much to hide it, or take anything else on. Actually it was kinda nice to wear. You felt so free, when you had it on. 😛 I can really understand why girls have them on, hehe. Her parents actually thought I looked cute in it. And now they want me to have it, so I can take it to the United States, when I’m going to be an exchange student. I don’t think I will, though it could be kinda fun as a memory of one of the best nights with my friends. I really love them very much. That’s one of the hardest things I have to leave when I’m leaving Denmark. I also hope that we can keep in touch after my stay in US. Also you Louni. When we are going to the same school, then there should be a possibility that we could talk and have fun. Also you, Louise, even when you are going to an all different school than us.

I think it’ll be difficult, when we are leaving 9. grade and moving on in complete different ways. I’m going to High School, Louise’s going to the Gymnasium in Ballerup and Felix, Louni and Line is going to Roskilde Technical Gymnasium. I’m also going to Roskilde Technical Gymnasium after High School year, but i’m in a class under my friends. I still hope, though, that we can still keep in touch and be friends. Ecspecially when we have been through so much together.




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