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Finland.. How da hell can one country house SO many rock/metal musicians..? March 8, 2007

Posted by Anders in Finland, Metal, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica.

If anyone can answer this question, please reply to me quickly! In my opinion, finland has housed the best metal bands in the World. Well, thats partly because I’m this huge Nightwish fan :D, but I also started hearing the band Sonata Arctica. They’re really good actually. They are from finland too. The lead singer from SA, has once played with Nightwish, in the song called Beauty And The Beast. This song was on their first album, Angels Fall First.

Nightwish is my first real worshipping-band, if you can call that :P. Before that, I felt like that something was missing in my life. When I first heard the song Nemo from Nightwish, I was completly numb. It was an incredible song. Soon I began to hear other songs from Nightwish, and now I’m a fulltime listener at their music. I just can’t live without music. That goes for Sonata Arctica as well. I just love the song “Shy”.



1. louni - March 11, 2007

You remind me too much of myself ^^

2. Nisze - June 30, 2007

You’re just like me, creepy!

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