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What happened to Tarja..? March 8, 2007

Posted by Anders in Nightwish, Tarja Turunen.

Tarja with Nightwish

This is what Tarja looked like, before she left Nightwish. This is what she looks like now:

Can you see the difference. I can. Ever since Tarja left Nightwish, she has been a busy girl. She has dropped the black make-up, and she is now going solo all over in Finland. So far, she has done two new albums. A Christmas-album “Henkäys Ikuisuudesta”, and a whole solo album. When Tarja was kicked out of Nightwish two years ago, she seemed pretty upset about it, but just months later, she was making her old dreams come true. She wanted to do her own music, without having the leashes of Nightwish. Now her dreams has come true. Last year, she made a Christmas album, and she toured all around Finland and Russia with it, concerts with full house. She even made a concert broadcasted by Finnish National television. Over half the nation watched her concert. Now is Tarja in progress of releasing her first new Soloalbum, and it looks really good.

As that wasn’t enough, she was voted the best finnish female vocalist 2006 in the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti. Now she has also been nominated for the Emma Award (Finnish version of the Grammy). The winner will be announced at March 10th at Finnish television.

In all, I can gladly say, that Tarja has got a good comeback as a solosinger after her Nightwish days. Best wishes for a career Tarja, but we still miss you at Nightwish. The new vocalist have a great reputation to live up to, and I hope she will be as good as Tarja, but I have my worries. I don’t think we shall compare her to Tarja. Tarja is too unique for comparing.
Here is her new website: www.tarjaturunen.com.

The two photos of the “New” Tarja has been taken by Toni Härkönen. Copyright to him. Please visit www.tarjaturunen.com to get more of these pictures. Do NOT copy from this website. Thank you.



1. louni - March 11, 2007

I like the old Tarja the best. The new one looks like a bitch.

2. Greg - September 10, 2007


3. Artura - March 25, 2008

I think Nightwish lost a really good asset when you went, but there loss is your gain good luck in your Solo Carrear. And May the Olde Gods Keep You Safe.

4. Jo - June 6, 2008

I think she lots really good

5. amar - August 4, 2008

nightwish withaut tarja=bullshit

6. Omar Qassar - September 4, 2008

I Think tarja is made to sing in nightwish the rockmetal band while annete isnt a metal vocalist she sucks but has only 1 song i liked (amaranth the rest suck) i know half of the world wishes the time to come back!!!!!

7. Karen Allen - September 23, 2008

two days ago i went to the nightwish concert, and was so disappointed in annete’s voice and performance that we left halfway through the concert. the sound guy had to put strong echo’s on her mic because of her lack of harmony, and the lead guy singer can hit higher pitches than she can! overall, i am seriously disappointed with her performance and would love nothing more than for Tarja to come back. it just isnt Nightwish without her

Anonymous - September 13, 2009

thanks you spoke out of my heart, loris

8. ? - November 4, 2008

Yes we all no that annetes voice is different but we hav to remember that u would never be able to find another voice like Tarja we’r just lucky that it not sum1 like britney spears singing other wise there would be no hope for good songs lol but i got 2 say i wish all the best of luck to Tarja and nightwish for the future we should hav knowen things wernt going to always be the same anyways good lucks

9. Anonymous - November 9, 2008

fuck everybody who loves tarjia now, she rather gold over music, over real metal, fuck them who follow her. Nigthwish is going on up!! no with those vocalist, but with other one is possibel.

Tarjia is not unic woman who sings like that

10. annonomous2 - January 11, 2009

i just think people need to enjoy the music for what it is, and if you don’t like it don’t listen to it

11. Anonymous - February 27, 2009

MusicKing says Tarja owns Annete. Enuf said. Story end.

12. Anonymous - May 4, 2009

I think Tarja is better than Annete but irreplacable? I doubt it. I just think Nightwish could have choose better.

13. G-girl - July 14, 2009

tarja rocks and that idiot anette who has absolutely no voice sucks, try watching the comparison between anette singing nemo and tarja singing it you can hell see the difference between them!!!!!!!

Anonymous - September 13, 2009

however Tarja is and sties and only she is Nightwish !

14. some unknown boy - September 19, 2009

tarja was great but tbh I like anette more than her… but the true is tarja was nightwish and anette is something else

15. Roland - September 28, 2009

It´s a tragedy all the way. Tarja tries to copy Nightwish sound in live performances and all the guys helping her are not bad but lightyears away from the original performance. Also does Nightwish itself with Annete. Surely she has her own individual way to sing, but shes in the incovenient role to cover Tarja – and thats not possible for her. Surfing through youtube one may find better (amateur) cover singers for Tarja as Annete can ever be. The problem is: Tarjas voice has been a unique part of each nightwish song as well as Tuomas great musical ideas and harmonys, Marcos impressive voice and style of bass playing, Emppus perfect riffs and solos and Jukkas unique style of double bassdrumming. All parts of former Nightwish are trying to have succes in her own way and are very busy with this. But no part for itself will bring back former Nightwish again. Perhaps they could have made music-history in bringing the new style of symphonic metal to a broad publicity. But now it seems there is no way to reach former popularity and bigger audiences. As Aristoteles quotes:“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” And now -perhaps- the parts will slowly disappear.

16. fanfromSerbia - October 14, 2009

First time when I heard Nightwish I noticed Tarja`s voice FIRST as the strongest element! It was first impresion of mine and its now hard to remember how it feels… Annete is not a bad singer but not for this band or maybe this type of music. She just cant replace Tarja… Think it was mistake for guys to release Tarja! Together they created amasing harmony and now separated both sides will lose so much and am not talking about selling CD,s or money… Together they made history!
Best wishes to Nightwish perfect sounds and amazing Tarja`s voice…

17. zeahg - December 9, 2009

i love tarja….

18. WTF U lookin at - May 19, 2010

nightwish withaut tarja=bullshit… Thats true but this new girl Annete She got some skills but that just isnt enough for the group like Nightwish I WANNA TARJA BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….
I am so sad :-(… but there is hope(The end of Hope)

19. God Tarja I miss U - May 19, 2010

tarja rocks and that idiot anette who has absolutely no voice sucks, try watching the comparison between anette singing nemo and tarja singing it you can hell see the difference between them!!!!!!!

20. Anonymous - September 4, 2012

You guys are totally fucking idiots…what’s wrong with you swearing at Annete… you are the bitches not her… search for the reason that Tarja left and stop bitching about Annete… just because you loved Tarja doesn’t mean you have to do this to Annete.. come on guys wake up or shut the hell UP !!!

21. Anonymous - September 4, 2012


You can’t call Annete idiot cause you don’t even know her… listen to Poet and the Pendulum(my first nightwish song) i like Tarja the same as Annete… You people have to be ashamed for what you say! You are not Nightwish so you can’t say if they could choose better or whatever… Like them or not THIS IS THE NIGHTWISH BAND stop hearing to them so we can stop hearing to you…

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