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Oh my GOD what a weekend (a real roleplaying story).. March 18, 2007

Posted by Anders in Friends, Roleplay, Tolv Ege.

This was one of the best weekends I have ever experienced. I was on a roleplaying camp, where I was one of the leaders and helpers. It all started friday night, when the children arrived. They were only 11-12 years old. We told them, that werewolves was lurking around the dark forest, and it was full moon tonight. This was NOT a part of the original history, but we just had to spice it up a little. Then Louni, me and two other of the helpers decides to scare them. We hid in the shadows, and then I made a really terrifying wolfhowl, and Louni and Lullu (one of the helpers) ran screaming out to the children, who was playing with their swords. They screamed too, and within seconds we had cleared out the courtyard for children. They had all run into the huts. This was so funny. It took them over 20 minutes to come out again. We almost had to tell them, that the werewolves were gone.

The next day (saturday), was the real roleplaying day. The children diveded themselves into 3 groups. Two girl teams and one boy team. They had to collect keys, to get the kingdom (The king was old, and had no heirs). In the afternoon I was on the duel post with another guy. They had to fight against us, but it was going a little too fast. And we wasn’t so good to give them points (keys). The team we thought was best, got only one key out of three.

Then we had lunch. It took a long time to cook it, because it had to be cooked over a campfire. Some of the children wept because their food was burned and it tasted like coal, but I think it tasted good.

After lunch, Louni, Kira and I had to prepare an old one-roomed house to be a lair. It was old and mouldy and it was rather cold inside. We covered the windows with black plastic bags, and we put some candles and some UV-lights in there. Finally a fogmachine was set up, and some church/monk music was put on the ghettoblaster. It was really creepy to be in there. When one of the leaders had to go out, the doorknob wouldn’t work. Tried for over 15 min. to get out, but then he had to jump out of the windows. The girls and I wasn’t so scared, we were most worried about cancelling the post, when we had prepared so much. Finally they got the door open with a screwdriver and a hammer.

So here’s the story about count Vladimir Barosh (me). He was a feared vampire, but he and his two beloved wives (Louni and Kira), was dead and the key was inside his lair. Many had gone inside to fetch the key, but no one had returned. Now the children had to fetch the key. So here’s the deal. I was sitting in a chair, with the two wives on either side of me. When the children came close to me, Kira would press the fogmachine, and spray fog around them. They had to get the keys from my neck, and when had just stepped two-three steps away, we would rise and scream after them, and scare the hell out of them. And we succeded all three times. What was most funny, was that the boys screamed even more than the girls did. There was a boy named Nicky, that was a really “tough guy”, and everyone didn’t really like him. He was the one who screamed loudest, and he pushed one of the other boys in the back to get to my keys. The leader even had to help them to get the key over my head. HAHA XD.

After dinner, Louni, Felix, one leader and I, ran out into the forest. We were supposed to kill the king and steal all the keys, but Nicholai (the king) swallowed the bloodpill too soon, and we wasn’t ready to all the kids. So we got killed rather fast. But Felix Louni and me, was “revived”, and got snug around the kids. When we was about 100 yards away from them, we screamed “We have the keys. Long live the werewolves”. Now we were both thieves and werewolves. We made wolfhowls, and we ran around them in circles. I was so fun. One time I ran 10 yards from them, and they didn’t even notice me, because they had all the lights, and I was running in the dark. So we got inside the hut unnoticed, but the leaders thought it was unfair, so we had to run out again. Once again we ran just in front of them, but they noticed us this time, but soon they lost trail of us. Finally we had the last battle just outside the parkinglot, and we got killed again, until a monk “released” us from the werewolf curse. We couldn’t remember anything, we said. The children kept asking us if we could remember it. Really annoying.

In overall this was a really good weekend. I spend time with my good friends, and with Louni, whom I haven’t seen in over a year, although we talked over MSN. We should do this more often.



1. louni - March 18, 2007

This was so cool! I loved it

2. Headmaster on this event - September 16, 2007

Very well written. But the children where only 9-11 years old.
I thought it was a very cool and good weekend to.

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