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PS3 out today March 23, 2007

Posted by Anders in BluRay, HD DVD, PS3, Xbox360.

PsToday is the offical PS3 day. Today has the third and last “Next Generation” console been released.  After 2 years of delays, the PS3 has finally landed in european stores. The PS3 is already released Japan and North America, and it hasn’t been the greatest succes. It was a mega failure, many people just bought it, and tried to sell it on eBay. But they had to sell it for less than they bought it for, because the demand was so low.

A great fight between Microsoft and Sony has been lined up. On one side stands PS3 with its superpowers and BluRay, but with low range of games.

On the other side stands Xbox360, a great console with HD-DVD, and Bill Gates and Windows on its back. It can communicate with your computers, and it has got a good range of games.

The fight between the new medias is VHS and BetaMax over and over again. On one side BluRay, who has the most capacity. And HD-DVD with smaller capacity.

Both medias are so new and expensive, so the DVD will hold a little bit longer. Many experts predict that the HD-DVD will win, because the porn industry has chosen to publish porn movies on HD-DVD, and it was the porn industry who had the final word between VHS and Betamax. but on the other hand, has a few BluRay movies already been published.

This is an exciting battle, but I’ll watch it from the side. It’s too expensive to bet on the wrong media!



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