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Wow, what a cool weekend March 25, 2007

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This weekend was a really great weekend. I was relaxing saturday, and hadn’t really anything to do, when Louni wrote to me, and asked if I’d like to spent some time together. So we met in Copenhagen, and had so much fun. We were just walking and having fun. At Rådhuspladsen, we saw a group of the so called Anarchists. They used to be at the Youth House, but the government tore it down, because they had sold it to some other people. Now they live in a tent on the square in front of the city hall. It looked like they had fun, and it’s kinda shame that they doesn’t have a house to be in anymore.

When we got home to me, we saw the movie Borat. He is so funny, but rather stupid, but he still can’t beat Mr. Bean.

The next day, me and Line had to make our Diasshow for our project. When Line left, Louni and I walked up to the train station. We had fun, and when we saw the train to Frederikssund on the other platform, we ran up and down the stairs, and we just made it. We didn’t know what to do in Frederikssund, so we had a kebab, and got back into the train. When the train hit Ølstykke again, we said goodbye and I got off. This was a really fun weekend, hope we can do this some other time. 😀



1. louni - February 1, 2008

I miss you ^^ And I miss times like this one 😀

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