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Rumors about Nightwish vocalist has been shot down April 29, 2007

Posted by Anders in Finland, new singer, Nightwish, Vocalist.

Vibeke Stene has denied, that she was the new lead singer for Nightwish. She quit Tristiana in February due to Personal Reasons, which was a good timing , if she were to join Nightwish.

Tristiana asked her if they could spread rumors, that she was joining Nightwish, to get some free publicity to their new album, but Vibeke refused.

This could be a lie to hide the truth from Vibeke side, but the real answer is awaiting May 30, when the internetsingle of Eva is released. Can’t wait 😀



1. chap007 - April 29, 2007

hmm intresting, please keep up the research 😉 i’d discoverd i actully want to know who’s the new leadsinger of nightwish!:) but don’t know where to get such information:'(

2. Louni - April 30, 2007

Old news mate, old news…
BUt you should correct march to may ^^

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