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Examinations… RUN EVERYBODY May 10, 2007

Posted by Anders in Examinations.

The examinations are over me. I know, I have not written on my blog in a looong time. My dad has also discovered the blog, and I’ve had a lot of visitors, who searched on my name, and came in here. It’s really creepy, but mostly because I am curious about who’s searching my name.

But things haven’t quite changed, since I wrote the last post. I survived 3 days without internet, and I’m still what many people call an emo. Except I’m not crying, or shaving my legs all the time. But sometimes, I really feel like an emo.

As I said, the examinations are over me, and today our Geography exam was cancelled because the stupid man Bertel Haarder (the danish educations-minister) hadn’t got the computer system right, so the biology exam yesterday crushed. The two exams are taken on a computer, on the internet. It simply couldn’t take the pressure of thousands of students logging into the computer, so it broke down. Sometimes I really hate the new technology. Sorry computer, I shouldn’t have said that. πŸ˜›

Well, I finally got my hostfamily, which is really good πŸ˜€



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