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Tarja Turunens letter to the public May 16, 2007

Posted by Anders in Metal, Nightwish, Tarja Turunen.

This letter is old, but quite remarkable though. It was written a few months after Nightwish had kicked her from the band. This is a response to their open letter to her, that was sent to public the 22th of October 2005. Again, this is old stuff.

Since last Sunday morning, I have been asked to express my position by magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations, fan clubs and fans from Finland and from all over the world. So many in total that it is physically impossible for me to find the time to reply to them all individually. Hence I decided to put down a couple of words in this text to let my fans, family and friends and the public know how I feel after the recent events.

This is a moment of grief and pain and I find it very hard to speak.

At the moment I am in Argentina. I hope you can understand that after this shocking life change comparable to a divorce, I didn’t want to stay alone at home in Finland. My husband had booked his tickets to Argentina many months ago and I decided to travel with him at the last minute.

But the fact that I am in Argentina and the long distance should of course not be an excuse not to comment on the situation.

Last Friday 21st of October was a day the whole band had been waiting for a long time.

Practice started early in the morning. I was very sick and nervous because of the fact that I was not even able to sing during the rehearsals.

Also nervous because the concert programme was going to be longer than usual for a Nightwish concert. Furthermore we were going to have a special guest to perform with us, more wardrobe changes for myself than usual and for the first time big screens and bigger production on stage.

Not to forget that the concert was going to be recorded and filmed.

The five of us had finally made it to play Hartwall Arena.

Even though every one of us knew in advance that the concert was sold out, finally on stage, we saw that screaming, applauding and standing people took every seat. The feeling was unbelievable.

I will never forget how amazing it was to experience the Finnish audience’s gorgeous reception.

When the concert was over, I cried of happiness on stage. Happy tears because I was able to do my best as always even though I was sick. Happy tears because our long tour got the greatest possible ending and happy tears because of the best recognition an artist can get: applause and smiling faces.

At that moment I didn’t know that I was going to cry again soon.

After the concert, the guys of the band invited me backstage to join them and asked me to hug altogether. This felt strange as it was the same kind of hug we traditionally came together for before every concert. That tradition remained between us, even though the tension and increasing pressure already existed since a long period of time.

The immediate feeling in me was to thank them, which I did loudly but without any reply.

After this, they gave me a letter and asked me to read it the following day. The same letter that is now public.

I read it and was shocked.

I didn’t know what to say and still at the moment that I am writing these lines, I don’t.

I sense great anger in that letter and I continue to have very confused feelings about it, but I don’t want to reply to this anger with an even greater anger. Private matters should never be taken to the public.

I know this moment we are going through is very sad for everybody, including the guys.

While there would have been so many different possibilities and ways to express what they wanted to tell me with the letter, I remain unable to understand the way they chose to handle this. I am sorry that the guys got me so wrong. I don’t recognize myself at all from the way they described me.

They mentioned mean things about me, but the fact that they involved Marcelo, my husband, crossed the line. He is the man I love, my friend and has been my biggest support over the last years.

We have been band mates for 9 years, experienced good times and not so good ones. I thought I knew them, but I was wrong.

Still everything that has happened is not enough to make them evil in my eyes.

Now comes a time to calm down and reflect upon all of this.

I need to put my feelings together again and I promise to come back to public soon.
I will announce a press conference where I will be talking about my future plans. This doesn’t mean that you should expect this conference to be an instrument to attack anybody. It won’t.

The wonderful music we created together won’t be touched by recent events.

Thanks a lot to all the people who are supporting me during these sad times. My family, friends, colleagues, and the great number of fans. I love you and I really feel I have not failed you.




1. Velkan Vargas - June 26, 2008

WOw, this is so disheartening. its 2008 and i just found out about this.Nightwish had been a huge inpiration on Alkali,my band, weve been on the road and when were out there i never pay attention to the media,but wow.
I personally agree with Tarja,i also read the other letter and going off about her husband was irrespectful to the bone,band mates are supposed to respect the decisions one makes about personal life. But like so many before them including the beatles the guns and roses,and bands of the sort Like Veil are amazing but are like a bomb with a very short fuse,and something so great is eventually meant to explode.I guess as a person i am on her side, but as a Musician,i am on their side.AMAZING singer and their new singer will never be as good.
But if what they say is true then they should have said dead on, yur husband is a shit and we dont like him.then it would have been up to her,about all the other crap like how mutch the tickets should be, im disappointed because that shows they are a really weak band, i hope they dont ruin many other aspects of the magic that is still left.
i dont know what to say,exept sorry all us fans had to expirience such loss due to stupid reasons, all the reasons stated were crap, im sorry but you guys(nightwish) need a little more backbone and character.

My regards to Anders and thank you for uploading this.

2. Koilakanthos - July 2, 2008

Hi, the reality is that the Nightwish do not exist any more…there is another group in its place, its very good, but its not Nightwish…There will never again be this absolut mixture of tarjas’s angelic voice and Toumas’s mystic compositions.
Now as long as the letters are concerned and the unfortunate departure of Tarja, I have to take the bands side…even though it makes me really really sad… However the open letter was signed by the group in its totality…all members agreed to the content and that tells me that many of its elements must be real….also there would have no reason to kick such a fantastic singer if everything was ok…Tarja herself had expressed the intention to leave after one more record which means that herself didn’t have a great time with the band, a fact that most probably was reflected and expressed throughout the years as a negative vibe towards the band..
In the end unfortunately one of the best groups ever in that kind of music ceased to exist…I personaly do not like the new Nightwish as they lack the uniqueness they had with Tarja…the songs may be really nice but there are many groups out there with similar songs…..I wish they could all be together again…dreams..

3. laura - July 25, 2008

i think that Nightwish is now only memory of a big band but only that. because i listen to the new band and i think is terrible Tarja was that amazing voice that gave life in nine years of Nightwish career. i hope that they could be together again. because we the fans want back the real and big Nightwish!!!!

4. Sebastian - August 11, 2008

I have read the open letter from Tuomas to Tarja, and i can’t believe that whole band make some sort of conspiracy against her. I believe them and i believe other stuff that i heard, including the stuff that she were greedy and selfish, making decisions on her own, even few minutes before concerts. That attitude won’t get her far, but i think that what happened was for the best, both for her and for the band. She can now try to use her talent somewhere else, where her demands will be satisfied and the band finally has a chance to show the full potential they have. The new vocal, Anette is, by my opinion, far better than Tarja, but as i said, it is only my opinion. Now the bend has much better songs, which are better accepted among the Nightwish fan’s and, as i heard, they are selling better than the ones in the past. only thing i have to say on all this is : ‘Go Nightwish, show them what you got’ !

Nick - September 8, 2009

I completely agree with you although Tarja was amazing so is Anette things change and it is for the best and there recent stuff is amazing so is there older stuff Nightwish is still Nightwish they will grow and get better and better!

5. Andrew - October 12, 2008

Simply put, Tarja became ego driven diva and the band had enough of it.
I’m in a band myself, and I know that if someone said something like ‘I don’t need NIGHTWISH anymore’ that I would immediately kick them out without hesitation.

Instead, the band was patient with her, and she took advantage of that, until they couldn’t take it anymore.

It looks like now Tarja is playing the “poor me” card and acting like she cares about her fans; all she cares about is lining her pocket full of money, and that is not what being an artist is about.

Anonymous - July 17, 2012

well funny since she lives and only owns one appartment and drives a shitty beetle.. apperantly 😮

6. Gershwin - January 14, 2009

It is very simple, Nightwish will never be the same. Tarja was the most important part of the group, her voice was majestical and that of an angel who no one will ever replace. I have hear the new album released by Nightwish, and to it is awful. You can never compare the voice of Tarja to that of Annette Olzon, she does not have the voice to be the singer of nightwish. The Fans of Nightwish want tarja back on the band.

Anonymous - June 9, 2010

Tarja was not and is not the most important part of the group, that would be Tuomas as he writes most of their songs and is the guinus who came up with the concept in the first place. And in case you haven’t noticed, one person does not make the group, not even Tuomas. It’s all the members together that make the band what it is. Your opinion is that Tarja is a better singer, but others disagree. The Fans of Nightwish will always love the band and what it does, including it’s choice to replace members of the group. The fans of Tarja Turunen are welcome to follow her, but if they don’t like what Nightwish has evolved into, then they should move on.

David - December 17, 2012

critism doesnt suit you well my friend as you just said Tarja is not the most important part of the group, then you go on right after with “quote” that would be Tuomas as he writes most of their songs and is the guinus who came up with the concept in the first place. learn to write or think accordingly before typing.

Bruce Bolduc - March 19, 2014

The only people who think singers are the most important people in a ‘BAND’ are people who know nothing about music, and singers themselves. There IS a most important person, and that is the one who writes the music. It is after all called music, not singer. Have you ever walked into a store looking for a cd and said; wheres the singer dept? No. It’s a music dept. Have you ever walked into a singer store? No, It’s a music store. Having a great singer is icing on the cake. But having a great voice doesn’t make you a great singer either. We all have singers we like that can’t keep up with Luciano Pavarotti, but that doesn’t make them bad singers. How you CHOOSE to sing is just as important as how well you sing. Ask any musician, just make sure their not a singer………………

7. Dark Hammy ( greece) - March 27, 2009

i’ve seen Nightwish live along with Tarja and Annette…no measure to start comparing..its a different style (my opinion). Tarja’s voice was epic..an angel’s voice as many call it and suited 100% the bands sound…while Annette is more pop-rock, not bad, but nothing special either..common good vocalist. To make my self clear i’m with the band side on the breakup matter though i do like to believe ” there is always a way to make things happen..or correct them”. my opinion is that alla the bad things caused by Marcello..yes he is her husband she loves him etc etc…in that point i’m sure Tarja could never understand that Marcello made her a self obsessed diva, not even she was kicked out of band. The point is… listening Nightwish and Tarja..i see a big puzzle missing 2 pieces..them!..i mean…common..Tarja has great a gift..her voice while Tuomas (or Nightwish if you prefer)..has great music ideas…am i the only one seeing that they are ment to be in the same band?…anyway i do believe (at least the last 2.5 years) that Nightwish and Tarjas breakup its all Marcellos fault….and yes i do believe that cultural differences combined with greed, opportunism and love is a dangerous combination when a great band is reaches success in a way Nightwish did. but i also believe that “there is always a way”.they should kick Marcello… btw i do want to see a reunion (ye..i know..cal me dreamer 🙂 ) but i think both side will put ego above everything else…

8. Mattias - June 29, 2009

The problem with both of these letters is that it shows that there’s far more to the story than what both of them say. It also shows that there seemed to be a considerable lack of communication. Tuomas noted that they had not spoken in over a year. How do you not speak with a band member when you’re going out on tour? Of course, it may have to do with Tarja’s interest in other matters, but we don’t know. We can only make our own assumptions and conspiracy theories, and even the band must know that going public with this was a bad idea.

9. PETER - August 6, 2009

I’ve only just discovered Nightwish through their new cd Dark Passion Play and I’ve got to say personally for myself I prefer the new singer Anette to Tarja , Anette fits in perfectly with Nightwish and Dark Passion Play is personally for me better than Tarja’s new cd Winter Storm and even better than amy from Evenessence , although some songs Tarja sings on Winter Storm were okay ( Oasis , Boy and the ghost ) it’s got more of a leaning towards Sara Brightman and the like rather than rock or syphonic metal , that’s okay too , perhaps this is a good thing for Tarja’s classical music and earlier Nightwish fans but the new Nightwish really doe’s connect with listeners through their new singer Anette’s fantastic voice ( maybe she’s not Simone Simmons from Epica or Enya but who knows look out future here she comes ) , I hope she will stay on as she is a real asset to Nightwish as they are now in the present and the future. The whole cd is perfect including the video The Islander I downdoaded from Itunes including Nemo and Sleeping Sun , all very good but The Islander really stood out as one of the best video songs I’ve ever seen listeningwise and visually very stunning and most the most important ingredient of all it connected with listeners as all of the songs on Dark Passion Play did from beginging to end .
From what I read about Tarja from both letters
( about the fans concerns !!! ) and Tarja’s musical career up to now I would personally comment that she probably might be better off pursuing a more classically musicially motivated career if thats what she really want’s to personally do , rather than rock and synphonic metal since from what I’ve heard she seems to be incredibly good at that classical sort of stuff as for me personally don’t take this the wrong way older fans but Tarja seemed to me to be to overpowering
( classical / opera ) and out of sorts genre wise in Nightwish not my thing , but thats just my 2 cents worth as a fan of the newer version of Nightwish , If Tarja want’s to connect to her audience and classical fanbase through Opera and the like , if that’s where her heart is and strengths are , then fine. I don’t know how good she is commpared to Sara Brightman or Epica or Enya , André Rieu singers , Etc but maybe in the end this is a better outcome for all the parties concerned but apparently not a perfect situation for everyone , just making the best of a bad bargan I guess . ” Nightwish – syphonic etc metal fans ” , ” Tarja – classical , operatic etc music fans “. maybe in the end everyone wins . Best of luck to Tarja and Nightwish.

10. Anonymous =] - August 31, 2009

First off, it’s four against one. I’d have to agree with Tuomas and the band. Even if I don’t know the story behind the open letter to her, I know it is enough to see that she has obviously changed. She may deny the fact that Marcello had anything to do with it; but she couldn’t have changed like that on her own. He is the one who kept assuring her that she didn’t need the band, which eventually got to her head at that point. It sucks, because I do feel bad for both sides. But I’m definitely leaning toward the band’s side. She was with the band for nine years; longer than she was with Marcello, and yet she chose him over them. She was obviously blind by her love, but she should have realized at that point who her real friends were.

Yeah, it sucks that she is no longer the voice of the band. It does sadden me whenever I’m listening to their older albums, to know that they can’t play many of these songs live anymore because she is not there to sing them. But it’s still Nightwish, with or without Tarja. The vocals are the only thing that have changed. Everyone acts like she was the only significant one in the band. She wasn’t the only one with talent. People seem to forget that Tuomas is the one who started the band, and he is the one who is trying his hardest out of the rest of them to keep the band together.

I’m forever a Nightwish fan; I will always accept what they have to offer. I think Tarja is an amazing vocalist; but ever since the departure, I have only stuck with a couple of her newer songs, and they didn’t impress me nearly as much as her performances with Nightwish did. Even though people think the band is in need of her; I think it’s kind of the other way around. It is all very disappointing; it crushed me when I heard the news, but I got over it. I accepted Anette, grew to love her and the new Nightwish experience, and I moved on. If you’re a true Nightwish fan, you will do the same.

11. Roland - September 28, 2009

It´s a tragedy all the way. Tarja tries to copy Nightwish sound in live performances and all the guys helping her are not bad but lightyears away from the original performance. Also does Nightwish itself with Annete. Surely she has her own individual way to sing, but shes in the incovenient role to cover Tarja – and thats not possible for her. Surfing through youtube one may find better (amateur) cover singers for Tarja as Annete can ever be. The problem is: Tarjas voice has been a unique part of each nightwish song as well as Tuomas great musical ideas and harmonys, Marcos impressive voice and style of bass playing, Emppus perfect riffs and solos and Jukkas unique style of double bassdrumming. All parts of former Nightwish are trying to have succes in her own way and are very busy with this. But no part for itself will bring back former Nightwish again. Perhaps they could have made music-history in bringing the new style of symphonic metal to a broad publicity. But now it seems there is no way to reach former popularity and bigger audiences. As Aristoteles quotes:“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” And now -perhaps- the parts will slowly disappear.

12. Bob - October 30, 2009

It took me a long time to try listening to the songs that Nightwish and Tarja did without eachother, but now that I’ve gotten over that, I’m noticing that I can appreciate both of their sounds. I can’t imagine Tarja’s voice in any of the band’s newer songs. It just wouldn’t fit. The things she has done by herself are amazing, though. I’ve decided that they were epic together, and they’re still epic apart.

In regards to the letters, I’m sure Tarja had her faults… But for the band to make the letter public was a completely tasteless decision. There are much better ways they could have handled that.

To the people who keep insulting Anette, please consider that there are thousands of people who can sing just as well as Tarja. If Nightwish wanted that sound again, I’m sure they could find it.

13. Anon - December 2, 2009

I don’t feel that the band, or Tarja, displayed any graceless behavior. The letters both of them made open were appropriate, and hardly scathing–both focused on the feelings between them. At the very least, both sides have an open and honest opinion of the matter at hand as they saw it and I believe they did it to allow the public an equal insight. However, Tarja’s husband is most certainly in the wrong, and for her to play the weak female hiding behind her man card is shameful on so many different levels. However, it’s not as though a lot of fans couldn’t see the break coming. There was obvious tension between the members of the band, and in the way Tarja estranged herself from them. But it is tasteless for the public to start attacking Annette. She’s a new singer, and a new feel. You can’t compare apples to oranges. And, in all honesty, I much prefer her voice to Tarja’s–but that is only my opinion. But to try to compare those two styles is impossible. The fans need to get a hold of themselves: IF you don’t like Annette, don’t listen to the band. That doesn’t mean that you display hateful behavior and attack the new singer. It also stands that Annette fans not bash Tarja. As with all good things, it came to an end. However, that doesn’t mean a new beginning can’t work out well for all involved.

Nick - December 3, 2009

This is a reply to Anon: Wow everything you said was perfectly said and I completely agree with you!! nobody could of said it better and for that I thank you because what you say is true and there should stop being hate towards the band

Thank you very much for posting that and hopefully it will make people realise thats it time to stop all of this hating!

Gershwin - December 24, 2009

What is shameful is you trying to say that fans should not give a comment on the band they like. You say we can’t compare the voice of tarja an annete?
What the hell………
Just look at the mockery that annete gives to nightwish by trying to sing songs such as ever dream, dark chest of wonder and wish I had an angel. She can’t even sing I as good as tarja did.

Tarjas voice would make dark passion play way better than the feeling annette gives to the music. And although the band won’t accept they know they made a wrong decision just to comply with marcus childish demand.

Keep it real, and freedom of expression to all.

14. Silver Fang - December 23, 2009

The thing is, some fans don’t like the new feel of Nightwish. It’s as though they sold out to pop culture when they gave up the majestic Tarja for the ubiquitous Annette. Annette is a good singer, but there is nothing unique or special about her.

Tarja, on the other hand, has the voice of an angel. It was stupid, stupid, stupid for Nightwish to want to emulate other bands like Within Temptation, to reach a wider audience (another phrase for selling out).

But that is their choice and they will have to live with it. With her voice, Tarja can sing as part of a group or alone and still have great success.

15. nick - December 24, 2009

Yeah but in my opinion its not all about the voice although it plays a very big part there is also the music and the lyrics they haven’t sold out at all they just got another signer but the lyrics are still amazing the music is still amazing and in my opinion so are the vocals I love the whole band very much and I think they still make amazing music! 😀

16. Gershwin - December 24, 2009

Nightwish will never be the same. Tarja gave these band a good name and her voice gave nightwish something special that annete cannot replace. Although many people say that nightwish has not changed means that they are really not looking at the changes that the music nightwish produced with tarja is different from that they are currently producing with annette. Tarja in the other hand has a better success in producing solo. Her music are way better than those produced by nightwish in dark passion play. Songs like ciarans well, die alive and kun joulo trump byebye beautiful, amaranth and meadows of heaven. High five to tarja, keep up the good work and to nightwish I can only say shame on you. Giving up a good singer like tarja just to turn to pop music.

17. Nick - December 24, 2009

I wasnt saying you can’t compare Tarja to Anette but it is two different styles of voices and it has changed but it still has the nightwish feel in my opinion im not trying to start any fights or anything I just think even though Tarja was and still is amazing so is Anette and she is doing her best she can and in my opinion I also think she is an amazing vocalist! But everyone is entitled to their opinion and im not against anyone who dosent like Anette but complaining about her wont bring Tarja back.

18. Tom - August 20, 2010

Im With tarja. Having seen both live, i can honestly say when annette played nemo, a little part of me died. I have met tarja in real life, she is a kind warming person. I appreciate annette has stepped up to the position of the vocalist, as nightwish now has a future, i thatk her for this. However without a possible re invention of the older songs she plays, then the band will loose more and more long time supporters. This isnt annettes fault, she appears to be cought in the middle of it all. I have heard she is a nice person too. I am more sceptical ove other members of the band. I still listen to nightwish and i still went to see them live, but unfortunately my loyalty is with tarja. There both amazing singers, just different, if anyone is thinking of arguing the heck on a youtube video or sokething like that, saying hurtfull things about both singers i would advise not to. Let them both go there seperate ways. We may never know what truly happened, as this is evidently just the surface. PEEK TIMES!!! Anyways i suggest people listen to tarjas new stuff and give the new nightwash a chance, you can like both of them!

19. denis - September 7, 2010

Like any relationship breakup there is no wrong side and no right side. I suppose Tarja could be a handful but so could other band members. It must be hard to be the one female in the band.
Annette is a good singer but she can’t take the place of Traja, nor should she be expected to. In a way Nightwish was Tarja, and Tarja was Nightwish.

20. Anonymous - September 14, 2010

It is all a matter of taste, really. But if you want my opinion, I say that this whole issue is not just ancient history, but is almost completely irrelevant. For example, I personally am a huge fan of Nightwish’s older, more classical sounding stuff and Tuomas’ more mythological lyrics. I like the old themes. And guess what? The music is still available from when Tarja was with them. Sure, I didn’t like Annette too much when I first heard her, but then again I didn’t like Nightwish the first time I heard them either. It grew on me. And who cares about the band members’ personal lives? Its about the music, not the drama. Stop worshiping celebrities and start allowing good music to inspire you.

21. James - September 15, 2010

Hi All,
I have to say that I think Tarja has gone from strength strength since the split.

Her two solo albums are absolutely incredible and I really think she is better off doing her own thing.

The new Nightwish stuff…a little too pedestrian for me, I’m sorry to say. They seem to be heading in the Evanescence direction – i.e. watered down, commercially viable above all else.

As for the personal lives of celebrities that everyone seems to be obsessed with – why?

A true music fan cares about wholly about the music…not what someone looks like or who they associate with etc, etc

22. Anonymous - September 25, 2010

I don’t think, that the things, which Nightwish wrote in their open letter to Tarja, are the reasons, why she was kicked out.

They only were pretended to be the reasons – which does not neccessarily mean, that it’s all just made up, what they wrote in the letter.

I think, that there was any other reason, anything, which has happened before and which the normal public and fans don’t know, was the TRUE reason to kick her out.

But of course there had to be a public reason, so they just exaggerated things she said or did, which perhaps were harmless, but good enough to be used as reasons to kick her out, when they were made a bit bigger and sounded worse, than they were.

I don’t take sides. I still love Tarja – for I think she was neither a devil, as she was discribed in the letter, nor an angel – and I still love the old Nightwish boys – although I think they should have talked to her face to face instead of writing a letter, and although I think it was plain stupid to kick her out!

However, Anette doesn’t seem to be growing on me: I am listening to her again and again to hear anything somehow special or at least halfways good, but I just always imagine, how TARJA would have sung it, so it isn’t much help.

I still love the stuff, Tuomas is writing, though… and I am really in love with Tarja’s two solo albums!

Tarja, Tuomas, Emppu, Jukka, Marco:


Behemoth - August 18, 2013

Any ideas on what that reason could be?

I have to say, the new album, which around time is Imagiaerum, is pretty good, although that’s once again for the most part Tuomas’ effort. Annette has a really good voice, but I can’t help thinking how it would’ve sounded…

Tarja on her part has done amazing with her solo album, I love metal and I love classical music. She leaps from one extreme in the other and touches everything that comes in between those. As long as she just keeps singing, all will be well… 🙂

23. S - October 21, 2010

I’d really like not to support only Tuomas’ or only Tarja’s side. But.. I read a letter to Tarja first and my reaction was something like “Hm.. Since this letter is public, guys made everything sound a lot worse, even if that’s the real reason they kicked her out.” And when I read Tarja’s reply, especially: “At that moment I didn’t know that I was going to cry again soon.” I thought: “Dramatization.”

I love the guys (Emppu and Marco especially) but I love Tarja more. By the way, in my opinion, that Olzon girl is nowhere near Turunen’s marvellous voice and she also looks like a regular pop singer (mini skirts and all that stuff), and Tarja looked (and still looks) more unique and mysterious. Guys have said they are now happier with Anette then they’ve been with Tarja, and I think I can understand them. If they are happy with her, then good.

But I too think there was something else that was bothering Tuomas.. In the letter he shows HUGE hostility towards Tarja’s husband Marcello – either he didn’t like very much that dude or.. he liked Tarja too much. But no, impossible. So anyway, now the band (I can’t make myself to call them Nightwish now without Tarja) is a great band with really average vocalist and Turunen is a great solo singer with quite average music.

I say, Anette, sing, if you want, but PLEASE don’t even TRY to sing Nemo or any other song that was made for Tarja – you sound very wrong. There’s still a lot of good music when they were all together, but there won’t be any new songs from them – it makes sad me so much everytime I think of it.

I’ll always be a fan of Nightwish until 2005 and I’ll always be a fan of Tarja. I wish you could be back – you were making a great team together.


24. Kei - February 27, 2011

People keep saying that it was a huge mistake to kick Tarja out of the band. If you can’t get along as people, you just can’t stay in a band together. Period. How can you go on tour together if you refuse to speak to one another? How can you create music for someone you no longer respect? That’s what Tuomas said, isn’t it? Something along the lines of, “I just can’t write music for you anymore.”

Personal problems will always trump professional triumphs. Personally, I would rather have watched Tarja and the band go separate ways than watch the magic of the music die because the band can’t be cohesive anymore.

As for Anette, I think she’s just caught in the middle of all this. Even if she’s trying to sing Tarja’s old songs, do you think that’s her choice? If I were the singer of a band who had just lost a very distinctive vocalist, the last thing I would want to do is try and sing her old songs. Perhaps she’s being told to – who knows? In any case, Tarja and Anette are different types of singers. The band said that they didn’t want to look for a singer who sang like Tarja. Why? Because think about how much would people complain about a new Tarja ripoff! If you think it’s bad that Anette – who sings in a completely different style and is thus incomparable to Tarja – tries to sing Tarja’s songs, imagine what would happen if someone who did sound like Tarja sung them. People would go nuts! “She’s trying to imitate Tarja! You can’t do that!” So personally, I respect Nightwish’s decision to go in another direction, especially if they get along better as people.

And it doesn’t matter whose side you take in this argument. We don’t know what happened for sure, so our opinions are all but irrelevant. It’s better that way too. I wouldn’t want millions of people snooping through the arguments and tensions I have with MY friends.

25. sharon z - April 18, 2011

Phantom of the Opera brought me here.Just discovered Nightwish this year. As for the loss of Tarja, it is tragic. I personally like the Nightwish-Tarja music more so than the Nightwish-Annette. I read both good bye letters and my opinion is “people lets just all work together for the sake of the fans”. I do not think the emotional crap was worth the breakup of a great band with a unique sound. How about dropping the feelings and reunite before I die.

26. TK - April 23, 2011

I think the open letter was a mean thing to do. You could kick her out of the band but don’t go public about the actual reason like you intend to damage her future career. That was not professional at all. And the part about her husband, I can’t agree with that, I personally think that if she put her husband first, she did not do wrong!
However, the fact that they put up the letter for the public to read makes me think that the fight was really bad and Tarja really was all the things they said about her.
Both sides at fault, both can’t tolerate each other, the split up was the sane solution.
But Tarja’s inclusion or the inclusion of a soprano made Nightwish stand out. Nothing on Annette, she’s not bad, but with her they’re just another band. I think they could have done a better job choosing a replacement. Or it just doesn’t matter now because they’ve already established a name with Tarja’s voice?

27. TK - April 23, 2011

I’m not saying they need another soprano for the job, but something that makes them unique. It probably doesn’t matter anymore. Tarja was there at the right time when she was needed.

28. sharon z - May 7, 2011

Nightwish was looking more for a “personality” rather that a vocalist per se. It seems that it was more important that the band get along with the new vocalist. I disagree this approach somewhat. I do not think that tension is always a bad thing necessarily. Anyway…it does not have to be the End of an Era.. if Tuomas and Tarja choose so. Of course, the problem is Tarja’s husband. He would have to stay out of Nightwish’s business. Probabily would require arbitration.

29. Anonymous - May 26, 2011

i don’t know what to say…but i feel like going under

hasjo - May 26, 2011

to anonymous……what’s that supposed to mean?

30. Anonymous - May 26, 2011

never mind

31. L - May 28, 2011

I think Anonymous had an Evanescence song in their head?

32. Jason Milburn - May 30, 2011

I think Tarja, that you need to open your eyes to the blindless of greed that Marcelo has led you down. I’m sure that he sees your talent and befriended you because he saw a great monetary potential in you. I wish that I could remain a fan of yours, but I simply cannot. You knifed the guys in the back with a dollar bill and you cannot see the wrong you’ve done. You chose to be in a band, and that band is a family – which should ALWAYS come before anything else. For any fans of Tarja, I have numerous posters, albums and other memorabilia to give away. I no longer want her on my walls, in my stereo, or anywhere else. I hope that you will someday come to your senses and dumb the trash that you call husband, or that someone simply puts a bullet into his head for taking Nightwish away from all of us. Anette doesn’t belong singing Tuomas’ songs. You do. Wake up and go HOME, Tarja, where you were loved long before money took hold.

33. Lycoris - June 1, 2011

I never knew Nightwish ’till I heard Amaranth from a game… I got hooked so I did my research on them. I stumbled upon Eva, which I liked very much. Then, I read some guy’s opinion about Eva being a continuation of Nemo… so I went and searched for Nemo. And I have to say:

It was one of the most epic songs I have ever heard.

At first I thought I’m all for Nightwish-Anette; but then, Nightwish-Tarja was something else, it had an otherworldly melody.

I would die to see Nightwish & Tarja perform together again.. =\ If only I was this old back when they were still together.. D: I’d fly to Finland or where ever.

34. sharon z - June 25, 2011

I am turning 52 in July. I am still waiting for Tuomas and Tarja to resolve their issues. Seeing the old Nightwish perform is on my bucket list.

Tyrionn - August 25, 2012

Me too….hope it will before we die….:))

35. I'm mad - July 16, 2011

I’m pretty sure Nightwish is over. Momentum Tarja made would continue to some point (2-3 albums). Then it’d disband.
Who is selfish dick in this group is clear for me. Not only Tarja didn’t share equity in the band, the band BELONGS to Tuomas (legally), so he can throw out people all he wants. Is this fair? What Nightwish’d be without Tarja? Just another junk of finnish metal, there are 10s of groups more talented musically. It’s Tarja who brought the gold rain for this selfish dishonest and juvenile dick who writes hysterical open letters and throws out women who made him golden.

36. I'm mad - July 16, 2011

And really. If you think about this: why rainmaker and the best frontwoman I know cannot be a partner in the band she’s been for more than 10 years and brought to success? Why Tuomas should get all the money, other members are just salary errand boys/girls?
Does Tarja seem to you gready now? Go figure.
She just asked what she deserves and joke of a man just threw her out.
Well. at least for me Nightwish is over. 2 neccessary parts of its existance are now apart and there never will be the whole band. Had fun while it lasted.

37. sharon z - August 6, 2011

Tarja you should know the majority of the Nightwish fans wish that you would return. Tuomas was wrong in his approach to handling the matter. I think a reunion would set both of you up for the rest of your life. As life passes, the wounds do heal even though there remains a scar.
P.S. Would like a Nightwish reunion before I die.

38. Lycoris - September 14, 2011

Just had to visit this site again… Sigh. I’m still loving Nightwish-Tarja, but I think a reunion would be too much to ask for… What would Anette and her fans think?

Damn. If only their life was like a fairy tail where Tarja, Tuomas, the whole band were together. But then again, I guess the good things in life are meant to be short-lived or they wont be considered that good.

39. Anonymous - October 12, 2011

A band is and must be a single entity, a team striving together to help with their input and production values. A single person’s dissent can change the dynamics of a room. We will never know the truth, as to whether the band conspired to get rid of Tarja, or whether her love of money, power and position got the better of her. I read the original letter and it displays no animosity, simply a reluctant goodbye, having exhausted all possibilties for reconciliation. Like a divorced couple, it was beyond mediation.
‘As long as the fire still buns…’ they will continue to produce charismatic, atmospheric and stirring music. There should be no comprison between old and new singers…the band still remains; their concerts sell out and I will follow follow their progress.

40. sharon z - November 6, 2011

To the above reply, you do not know if all possibilities for reconciliation were exhausted. The letter did not allow for reconciliation or an appeal. I think you are pushing the new Nightwish , so your opinion is biased and short sighted.

41. Jackie - November 12, 2011

I’ve read all the comments so far, and find it amazing how nobody really seems to understand the situation. I mean, did you guys really read the both letters? Tarja was leaving the band anyway. This is the key point. She had already told that the next Nightwish record would be her last. She made it very clear. Why? Well we don’t know for sure, but I think that there can be only two reasons for that: She wanted to leave, because she wasn’t happy in Nightwish anymore for various reasons, or she thought that she really didn’t need Nightwish anymore, and that she would be succesfup anyway. Anyway, I think the reason for her to leave was a combination of these two things. Of course, after she made it clear to the rest of the band that she’s going to leave, the feeling to create anything together anymore is gone and that’s the reason that she was kicked out.

42. ValleyGirl - November 27, 2011

I have followed Nightwish since the very beginning. Now, i have just introduced my husband to Nightwish. We watched End of an Era and listened to Once and all the previous albums for weeks. It was like a Revelation to him. Then, i broke the news. Tarja has gone. It was like telling someone their beloved one had died. There will be no more. There will be no other. Ever again. Heartbroken, we both cannot understand. The magic, the chemistry, the essence of Nightwish has gone. We still love them dearly. But we both will be waiting for the return of Queen Tarja. I dont care about the 20 reasons, the drama of the breakup. Its about us, the fans. She was and always will be.

43. Richard - February 2, 2012

Of course, one thing many commenters seem to overlook is the fact that, in the first place, Tarja had apparently informed the band that she would only do one more album with them beyond *Once*. Therefore, the “old” Nightwish wouldn’t exist at this point in any case. As a longtime musician myself, I suspect it was probably for the best that Tarja departed when she did, given how difficult and enervating it is for a band when the members have hard feelings toward each other. And I understand why some people feel that Nightwish just isn’t Nightwish anymore, too. Being a huge and long-standing fan of Alice In Chains, I initially felt the same way when I heard they were going back on tour a few years back; for me, Layne Staley was absolutely irreplaceable. But later on, I heard their new music and liked it very much. I became a Nightwish fan more recently, but I have to say that I feel the same about them as I do about AIC — just as William Devane is a great talent in his own right and fits in well with Alice, Anette Olzon has a wonderful voice of her own that works very well with Tuomas and Co.’s newer material. It’s obviously not identical to their sound with Tarja, but it doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of that earlier material to stand on its own as great music! If some people don’t like the newer stuff, that’s their call. Personally, I love, and see great value in, both earlier and newer Nightwish material, and luckily, those of you who want to snub them now over Tarja’s absence won’t be missed greatly in any case; just as AIC’s debut album with William Devane (*Black Gives Way to Blue*) went gold here in the States, *Imaginaerium* hit the Billboard Top 200 at #27 in its first week of release, which is excellent for a foreign act that has never received a great deal of media exposure over here. Thankfully, Nightwish’s new music is very much in demand, and I look forward to enjoying it for many, many years to come.

I'm mad - February 2, 2012

maybe you know something we don’t know.
1. I never heard that Tarja informed the band about 1 more album besides lame excuses from the “rip the girl off” Thoumas long after they fired Tarja
2. Tarja didn’t leave – she was fired. rude and abruptly.

44. Bluebird - February 2, 2012

Soy una fanática de Nightwish, y una Tarja-lover, pero todo este drama es tan farandulero que podría vomitar…
Tarja se pasó para ser polémica, igual los chicos. Pero si tuviésemos que comparar, Tarja se lleva el premio.
Suerte a Tarja con su carrera en solitario. Amo tu voz, pero no tus cds en solitario, lo siento; me quedo con Tuomas.
Y es cierto que Nightwish ya no es el mismo, ni lo volverá a ser. Creo que lo más apropiado hubiera sido cambiarse el nombre, porque al decir que soy fan de Nightwish, muchas veces preguntan “de cuál? el nuevo o el antiguo?”…
Tuomas, Jukka, Emppu y Marco son Nightwish, ahora Anette se ha integrado, y también es parte del grupo. Sigo al grupo desde hace 7 años, y debo decir que amo Imaginaerum, al igual que oceanborn y once; y pienso que lamentablemente las canciones no se hubieran adecuado a la voz de Tarja.
Una pena, pero así es la evolución 🙂 Y si Nightwish tenía que desprenderse de Tarja para crear Imaginaerum, pues bien, me gusta.

45. Stergios - February 17, 2012

One thing I got to say! The open letter was lame and an idiotic thing to do!
Yes, she wanted to leave as they say…. Let her stay for as long as she likes while you search for a new singer! I have a feeling Tarja wante to go on with Nightwish till they celebrate their 10th anniversary and then announce it herself that she’ll leave Nightwish and go for Solo artist.

Why they wanted to ruin her life like that? Anyway, many fans followed her including me!
Her concert in Greece was the best concert I’ve ever seen. MAGIC
Go on Tarja! We love you!

46. Anonymous - April 8, 2012

She needed to go. She was a worthless piece of trash, and still is. I can think of about three sopranos off the top of my head (not just in metal) that are so much better than her. She tired way to hard to be this fake overrated Maria Callas over the top diva. She made me sick, and still does. Her vocal technique is poor, her chest and lower register is basically non existent. Plus, her solo music bores the hell out of me.

As for Tuomas he’s a fake Aaron Stainthorpe poser. It’s all “Oh, look at me I hurt inside”. His lyrics are as childish as it gets, and don’t make sense. The guitar riffs are completely recycled for every single song. I actually think Nightwish are a complete rip off of My Dying Bride.

Anette is an OK singer, but they never really had a good singer in my opinion. Marco is the most decent singer in my mind.

Stergios - April 8, 2012

Cancer to all your loved ones!

I'm mad - April 8, 2012

You’re obviously a troll but I’ll bite.
Why you ever care to comment if you hate both Tuomas and Tarja? Yes, Tarja is sometimes boring in her solo carrier and Tuomas is sometimes a sad girly poser (personally I think he’s hysterical girl to this day), as Marco can be pretty boring in his Tarot and Northern Kings, as Emppu in Brother Firetribe. You have no freaking clue, do you?
Tarja era Nightwish was perfect unique combination of all these people. PERFECT. This is really a good example when talent put together does much much more than individual parts, take one part off and everything falls apart. This is why some people like me hate all this situation to this day. I don’t ever know or care this day if Tarja or Nightwish got another album out or recording. This all just simply ended for me. I still enjoy occasional piece Nightwish or Tarja produce but the magic is lost. Now it’s never all heaven from listening entire album.
Does this clear something for you?
And no, Nightwish is not ripoff of My Dying Bride. You obviously never listened to NIghtwish or My Dying Bride or have absolute no sense of music.

47. pete - May 8, 2012

I prefer Tarja now more than ever. Nightwish was good, but the silly over the top egotistical writing was just rubbish, anyway that’s all to be said about that.
As for the letters, I believe the band were talking rubbish. If you search on-line, there are a vast number of artists who have worked with Tarja who say she is lovely, humble, considerate and always care for the fans.
Nightwish just couldn’t stand the fact that she was getting the most share of the popularity, when most people thought about Nightwish, the first thing to come to their minds was Tarja. They didn’t like playing second fiddle, so they got rid of the first.
As for that silly comment made on April 8, 2012, I suggest people ignore it, because it was obviously posted by some childish moron who has nothing better to do with their lives than to post idiotic comments of no worth.

Tyrionn - August 25, 2012

I have opportunity to meet Tarja….she is adorable and one very modest person. What they were talking was rubbish about her.

48. Hannah - June 17, 2012

I’m not going to give my opinion, because it happened for a reason and no side is innocent. But people you have to learn to understand that Tarja was going to leave after the next album anyway, so they would have gotten a new singer after she was gone. Go on Youtube and watch Tuomas interview from 2007. He even said they weren’t going to get another classically trained singer even if she left on her own, because Tarja did her job greatly and their would never be another singer as good as her. So if you think about it they would have gotten a “not so good” a singer anyways. So stop saying that Anette sucks, because she doesn’t, she is just not classically trained. He also talks about how Bye Bye Beautiful is a good song not bad. So yes there was good on both sides and bad. I still listen to Nightwish and Tarja. I love them both so much, they are a HUGE impact on my life. So please stop the hate on Tarja and Anette, because both of them are great singers in their own way. Yes Tarja is like 100 times better, but that is because she has had so much more training, so just stop. Peace and Love.

49. Tyrionn - August 25, 2012

That is crap what is Toumas saying. She could pick up Floor Jensen from After Forever when group was disbanded. She pick up pop singer girl and put heavy task on her. And Floor was free in that time. She could be perfect replacement for Tarja.

50. Darrel - September 26, 2012

The band is right all the way here. In my opinion every one in the band except Tarja have always seemed, down to earth, honest, nice people, which is rare when you are talking about 4 adults. If these 4 modest, considerate guys made this decision you know darn well they did the right thing. To stay with her could have led to the complete break up of the band, I can’t believe no one sees this. Tarja is the only one that has ever seemed arrogant or self-absorbed and I for one applaud them for taking control of their future and not letting some out of control Diva sway their destiny. If you have ever worked with a co-worker that no one liked, yet the boss loved, to the point where you can’t look at them you will understand better. They did what we can’t do, get rid of that annoying arrogant person in your daily life, that drags you days down, and makes everything crappy. If you can’t see this is what happened, think back to your own life about someone arrogant you could’t tolerate but had to because of situation. This eventually would have ended Nightwish. This whole she is the greatest singer ever is really deluded, if Nightwish wanted to stay in this vein, their are opera singers all over the world who could replace her, it’s the nature of the beast. They didn’t close the Opera schools when Tarja graduated. Seems Toumas wanted to go in a new direction, and don’t forget about Marco’s singing either. I loved the stuff they did with Tarja, but I would much rather see the 4 guys happy and content with their lives. Wouldn’t you? I support them the same with or without her. If you watch the interviews on youtube with Toumas and Marco (awhile after the split) I mean how happy they are is ridiculous and how down to earth. Just watching and listening to them lets you know all is perfectly fine in Nightwish land, as it should be. \m/

51. Tyrionn - November 3, 2012

Opsssss….Am I clairvoyant???…:))) Welcome Floor…

Anonymous - November 26, 2012

I was wondering why you hit the floor and just dismissed your comment as strange until I stumbled upon one of recent NW clips on youtube.
FLOOR FLOOR FLOOR! Now my heart is filled with joy and hope.

52. Marc Keyrouz - November 30, 2012

tarja’s voice was very beautiful, but NOT UNIQUE, i am sure that “NIGHTWISH” could have hired any singer with any voice…
but they chose to evolve and chose that kind of voice with no classical background… tarja is not nightwish, she only sing, and nowadays we have millions and millions and millions of singers, the only difference is the master mind of the writer and composer behind the beautiful lyrics and melody, Tuomas, IS nightwish. and he did a good job to eliminate a greedy selfish member from the band, a member that could have teared them down!!
And finally the fact that the letter was signed unanimously by the four, tells us a lot about how much that was a great decision.
i love tarja, and i am a big fan of her voice, but i do not accept to be called a unique voice, because i can name at least 10 bands with a very similar voice to the one tarja had!!!
on the other hand Tuomas is unique, and he made nightwish a unique band…

Anonymous - November 30, 2012

you make an idiot out of yourself, my dear tarja hater. your beloved thoumas just got rid of another singer a month ago. yes, yes, anette is out

53. Angel Perez - December 9, 2012

When i found out about Nightwish they already had Anette and i really love her and then i listened to the old Nightwish and i also loved. Tarja and Anette are great in their own way because their styles are different, Some may say that Anette is more pop but i see her as an artist who can go both ways. She can go pop and sing for Symphonic metal band. Tarja can also go two different ways when it comes to genre because she can head to Opera or Symphonic metal. I really don’t think you should attack Anette because it’s not her fault and you also shouldn’t say she is an average singer because she is not, As for the letters i see deep yet obvious inconsistany. I do believe that the band’s description of her attitude is true because it seems like too much to make up but i also believe that Tarja did have her i love Nightwish moments. I do believe that even thought Tarja thought she didn’t need Nightwish. she was truly heartbroken because sometimes a breakup is enough to reach someone emotionally. In Tuomas’s letter he says that they hadn’t talked for an year which i don’t think he meant literally like that, I think what he meant was that they hadn’t had the kind of conversations that friends or band mates have, they probably did talk but they didn’t have meaningful talks anymore. I thing that being kicked out of Nightwish might have made her open her eyes a bit more and see what was happening to her so i think that it was for the best although i do sometimes wish i could have seen Anette and Tarja live at one moment because when i first listened to Nightwish Tarja was long gone. I went to their concert on october 5,2012 and i was hoping to see Anette but like 1 or 2 weeks before was when she left the band and i was a bit sad because the tickets were my early Birthday present since my birthday is on Halloween. I will admit that i love Floor but i am sad that i will never get to see Nightwish peform with Tarja or Anette. 😦

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61. Lenin d'Cruz - August 10, 2013

It’s fun watching how times and attitudes change in face of true quality. I have gotten interested in the changes that Nightwish went through for a very shot while now though I listened to their songs on and off for quite a while.

Reading all the feelings here and elsewhere 7 years back and throughout Annette’s Nightwish career, I can see people felt the band was doomed and all was lost without Tarja.

BUT NOW, with the performance that Floor Jansen gives, people see a new life for the band and think Floor is the best thing that ever happened to quality and versatile singing. Moreover, we all need to realise that it’s never the end if you are willing to get in good quality. People go to the extent of praising Floor OVER Tarja, which I think has it’s merits. 🙂

62. Anonymous - August 29, 2013

Being a big fan of Nightwish i only wish to see Tarja back in Nightwish.
i’ve listened Olzon and Floor janson songs, they are good but not like Tarja. They should come together because when they are together the true Nightwish is revealed. and i guess many of the fans were also wanting and wishing for this. looking and hoping that she will be back in the band again to sing the real Nightwish songs.


63. Monroe - September 24, 2013

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yours these days. I seriously appreciate people like you!
Take care!!

64. Wow - October 20, 2013

Quite a few years after Tarja leaving the band I have decided to read again both open letters and try to judge again while being objective. And there is something that makes me take Tarja’s side this time despite having supported the band’s side a few years ago.
What Tuomas wrote on the open letter was dirty and low. The way he presented it made the band look as victims despite using such dirty information to make the other side look bad. That way people would never judge them for publishing that kind of private information that should have been discussed among the members and not publicly aired for people to bash Tarja. The fact that they did something so low makes me see the whole situation from a new perspective right now and realize that someone that purposely hurts another member of the band, no matter how much the relationship deteriorated in the last years, is not a victim at all.
I don’t know Tarja personally and it is not hard for me to believe that she might be quite full of herself due to her amazing talent, but I think Tarja’s letter was way more sincere and way more polite than Tuomas’ one. He’s got no right to state in public that Tarja’s husband is the reason behind her change (no matter what he might think in private), he’s got no right to air something that goes beyond the group’s private matters and gets into Tarja’s private life. It’s playing dirty, and I recognize that I feel bad because it take me such a long time to realize that.

He said they did not talk for a year. Well, I am pretty sure he did not take much more effort to keep in touch with Tarja than Tarja did.

I find it specially nasty the way they told her she was out of the band. How can you be so fake to do a group hug and after that gave one of the components a letter that has such a poisonous content and ask that person to wait one day to read it while you are planning to publish the content of that same letter in a public site where people will be able to access such letter? They did not even gave her a chance to avoid the humiliation she had to go through when that letter was publicly shared by the band in their website. If, as he stated, they did not talk for a year, that means they did not even bother to consider discussing the problems between the members before nastily giving her the sack.

Not to mention the fact that Tuomas has already parted ways with three former components of his band, a bassist and two singers. Once… yeah, it can happen to every band.
Twice… well, suspicious, but why not? It might happen.
Thrice? Oh no, dude, no way. I am not saying that the bassist and two singers are the most innocent people in this world, but it is pretty much obvious to me that there something wrong with Tuomas as well. Tarja might be a diva, but she is not the only one in that band with a huge ego.

Not that I give a fuck about Tarja, nor about Nightwish anymore, but I just wanted to give my opinion, as everyone else. I am pretty sure there will be flying stones towards my comment if anybody ever bothers to read it, but yeah, haters gonna hate.

Anonymous - December 6, 2013

I agree with you for sure, the un-classy personal way Tuomas released that letter was not the action of a reasonable professional dude. I’ve never seen a band part ways or kick a member in such a mean spirited way.

I’m not siding with Tarja, I’ll wager they were both probably arrogant divas, but the nature of the way Toumas handled the situation is bullshit.

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I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, good site!

69. Holi Photos - February 16, 2015

Indian Communities in India, be it from any state, follow the Hindu calendar
for festivals or finding the auspicious day for marriage or other events.
Let’s ponder a few of the issues one should consider when contemplating dress.
You are also able to actually select other, more complicated wooden materials if you.

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