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Bowling…. For Columbine? July 19, 2007

Posted by Anders in Bassel, Bowling, Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, Hostfamily, USA.

The title is taken from the documentary of Michael Moore’s, Bowling For Columbine, because tonight I went bowling with my hostmom, Bassel and some of my hostmoms colleauges. We had a pretty good time, and it was quite fun, that I actually got to see where she works. She works at a children’s hospital, a normalsized (danish size) hospital dedicated entirely for kids. It’s a beautiful place, and I had a good time there.

The days here are getting boring, mostly because we don’t do anything, we only play Playstation, and then I get mad at Bassel, because he’s annyoing me when I’m trying to read. Then I shouted at him, and I think he got a little upset about it, because he was not talking for a whole hour, which means a lot, when you talk about Bassel.

Tomorrow we are going to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!



1. Faster Bente - July 20, 2007

Glad to see that you took the long ride with only one accedent – computers don´t like coke – I know.
Når din familie kan tale tyrkisk kan jeg vel også skrive på dansk – det er meget længe siden at jeg har skrevet noget på engelsk, så min stavning er nok meget rusten.
Take care
Knus fra

2. Dad Peter - July 22, 2007

Dear son, nice to read of your adventurous. I belive you must have bought the new Harry Potter book at this moment, but remember to break loose. Take care, we keep in tuch. Dad.

3. louni - July 26, 2007

I suck so bad at bowling xD But I hope you had a nice time!

4. Martino Heino - September 19, 2007

they only wanna do you dir. Martino Heino.

5. Mihangel Caiaphas - October 21, 2007

that’s why it will never wor. Mihangel Caiaphas.

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