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Minigolfing in the middle of the night August 25, 2007

Posted by Anders in Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, Hostfamily, Minigolf, USA.

Yup, that’s what we did. At about 10 o’clock in the evening, we found out that we wanted to go miniature golfing, so we got in the car and drove to a place in Copley. It’s kinda weird to go mini golfing in the dark, but the courses were lighted by big lights. We were done by 11:30, so I was pretty smashed when I got home. I actually have a picture of us playing, but because my phone is not a real camera, it hasn’t got a good blitz, so therefore the picture is not the best.


Click on it to get it bigger, just like the rest of the pictures 🙂



1. Maritza - October 20, 2008

Hello and greetings from New Jersey in the USA!

I stumbled across your blog while looking up black light mini-golf. I work at a company that makes the props for mini-golf. I think you would get a kick out of the other fun things we make. See our website at

Have a great day!

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