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The first week. September 1, 2007

Posted by Anders in Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, High School, Norton, USA.

It’s weekend now, and I finally have the time to write about my first week at Norton High School. To be honest, first day was not very good. I had only slept for three hours, so I was pretty tired when I woke up. The first period was homeroom, and I got my planner, a lanyard for my ID, but no ID card. To be correct, homeroom was only like 20 minutes, and then I had to move on to English Class. In America, you walk from class to class, teacher to teacher, instead of the teachers walking to your classroom, so you got a bit of exercise when you are in school. What else is, you only have 4 minutes between each class, so there’s actually no time to go to the bathroom between classes. There’s no 20 minute break, only a 30 minute lunch, where you HAVE to be in the cafeteria.

Well, English Language is quite like the Danish language class. You study poems, grammar, etc. and my teacher is an old liberal pro-american.

After English I have Art. It’s a weird subject, and the first assignment was to decorate our sketchbook with everything we liked. This is due to two weeks or some, so I haven’t started yet. My teacher is a pretty funny looking, with glasses, full beard and no hair on top of his head.

My argumentation class is probably the most different school experience I’ve ever experienced. We are only like 12 or 13 people in my class, and whole subject is about discussing, not arguing, and we are going to learn how to present our cases, so we can try and convince that we are right. We might even be competing against other schools.

American Studies is probably the worst subject. He only teaches us for 30 minutes, and the last 2o minutes he lets us sit and talk. Really great, when don’t have anyone to talk to.

Band is the most time consuming thing I have ever experienced. We are practicing every day in school, as it’s an actual subject, plus I have to be there every Tuesday and Friday after school, plus sometimes every Friday evening for the football game, and sometimes Saturday for contests. This week I only had time for band and homework, because Band is so time consuming.

Chemistry is probably my favorite subject. It’s also one of the only air conditioned rooms at the school. We are sitting like we are having a lecture. The seats are rising, so everyone can see down to the teacher. The subject is really exciting too, although sometimes it’s a little difficult to understand, when some of the terms like Na, is called Sodium instead of Natrium. At the first day of school I was late for this class. I have lunch right before Chemistry, and it’s always crowded at the door when the bell rings. I have 4 minutes to get out of the cafeteria, to get my stuff at my locker, and walk all the way to the chemistry room, which unfortunately is furthest away from the lunch room. Well, I was 10 meters from the door when the bell rang, and the teacher almost closed the door right in my head. I had to knock, and then he says, if there’s any reason why I was late. I was only 30 seconds late, and he chose to close the door right when the bell rang. But now I have learned that I just have to push my way through.

The last class I have is geometry. Cool class, and this is the only woman teacher I have. Mrs. Carpenter is cool, although I have trouble sometimes to figure out what different terms like integer, sum, factor, or other things like that mean. But still, I like geometry.

This has been a very stressful week. I’ve only had time to go home and do my homework, because Band takes out so much time. My bookbag is also full, because all the books is as big as Politikkens Full Dictionaries. Luckily I only need to take one or two books home. By the way, you are not allowed to have bookbags with you in class, so you have to carry all your books from class to class.

Yesterday (Friday) we had this junior meeting. They said those normal things like you have to wear your ID around your neck if you don’t wanna get detention, and if you don’t have a parking permission, your car will be towed away and it will cost 100 $ to get it back.

Fortunately we have Monday off, because it’s labor day. Lucky me! 🙂



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