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Quitting Band September 7, 2007

Posted by Anders in Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, Hostfamily, Norton, USA.

I have just decided to quit band. This is too much for me. I have got no time to be with my hostfamily, no time to do my homework, no time at all! It’s all about Band, Band, Band and it suffocates me. I can’t even play trumpet, which I’ve played for 7 years. Instead I am playing keyboard in the pit. The pit don’t even march, and I don’t feel we are a part of the band. We even have our own percussion director, and we don’t pay much attention to what the rest of the band is doing. I wanted to be in band to experience the marching and all the small funny things that happens in the band. So far, a lot of those “funny things” happens within the band only. NOT in the percussion group. I don’t even play the same music as the percussion does. I play the same as the tubas, which are marching in the field.

I have never liked percussion. When I was in Denmark, I hated playing with percussion, mostly because they live their own little world, and they are not a part of the band. They don’t play in time, because they are mostly focused on their own little world, with their own little percussion director.

Well, anyways I have decided to be in the fall play, if my hostmother lets me do it. It sounds really funny, and I think I got a role in it, because I can speak with a Swedish accent. I drama doesn’t take up as much time as Band does.



1. louni - September 8, 2007

Aww poor Anders! I am so sorry, I really was happy that you could have band as a subject because that damn trumpet means so much to you! Well, but on the other hand, if it takes so much of you time, it’s not even near worth it. You can always play when you get home and after all, you didn’t go to USA to play trumpet, did you 😛 ? Well, then you now might’ve time to comment my little resume of the past weird time of my life.. ^^


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