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Feeling moody and depressed December 3, 2007

Posted by Anders in Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, Feelings, Friends, Hostfamily, Mood, USA.

The title says everything. This is a really crappy day today. I started writing a letter to Louni, which turned out to be big crap, but I didn’t want to throw it away, so I am probably just gonna send it anyway. The weather is really cold, I have been tired all day, and overall it is just really really crappy.

I got to think of something. All people say they love me and they think I am funny because I make funny remarks in classes, and maybe playing a little stupider than I am. But then, I make people laugh. I like making people laugh. That is my drug. Back to the subject! But are they truely friends? Are they just hanging out with me because I am the foreign kid, and I am interesting?

I really feel homesick right now, and I have no one to talk to. Everybody in Denmark is sleeping, and it would probably be a lot worse if I call them, because they can do nothing about it where they are. I don’t really feel like speaking up here in the house, because I don’t wanna hurt their feelings just because I had a bad day. I just want to be alone, be with my danish friends, have a movienight, and just overall have some fun. I really miss our movienights. We had  some really good times. Once when we drank out of the puddle, stood seminaked in the street and ran up and down it too. Remember when you guys left me in the Ørnebjergvej carousel, and I was laying in the plants? That was good times. Even when a whole gang of people came to my doorstep on my birthday to beat one of my friends up seemes pretty memorable right now.

It’s not like I haven’t had any good memories with my family here, and don’t misunderstand me, I really love them. We’ve had good times too.

You know what, writing about my homesickness actually helped a lot!



1. louni - December 4, 2007

Putting words on your feelings usually help, at least for me.

I didn’t go to bed before 4 o’clock in the morning, so you could just have called me. You can always call me, or at least write a message asking whether I’m still awake.

Of course you miss tour friends and the movienights, and of course you have great memories which you don’t with your hostfamily. You’ve known us for a longer time, and I bet, when you get home you have great memories from your trip to USA.

Those guys fro you’re class might not be your real friends, cause real friends are the one you can talk to about feelings, laugh with, cry with, in fact to everything with. There’s no doubt that they like you and that they are your friends, but real friends are the ones who will always support you and who you feel likewise with.

I hope you understand that, and never forget that we miss you just as much as you miss us!

2. Line - December 4, 2007

Heey Anders
I don’t think they’re hanging with you just because you’re a foreign and interresting. You’ve been there half a year now, so you might not e that interresting anymore. don’t misunderstand me, cause what i mean is, that by now, uou’re interesting because of who you are and not because you’re the danish guy.

We really miss our movienights too!! We’ve had some really, really great times. But guess what; we’ll start over when you get back. 🙂

I’ll send you a mail soon, cause i’ve got some great news 😉

Miss you lots!!

3. Dad Peter - December 4, 2007

Dear Anders
Remember you always have al my support, just call any time you wish. Before you left, InterStudies told us about the well-being curve fore an exchange student. First every thing is new and exiting and after month characteristic around Christmas home sick is worst, but after Christmas when school begin again it will be better and better. I know you are a strong boy and you will get over it. Talk with me, your friends or your good and loving host family. I miss you to my boy. Dad

4. Faster Bente - December 8, 2007

Hej Anders
Ofcource they think you are interesting because you are forein, but belive me – they wouldent hang out with you if they did´nt like you as you are no matter how foreign you are. It is quite natural to have moments where you are homesick and sad, but the funny times will come again. One thing that often helps when you are sad is talking to another person, and feel free to call me if it helps – nomather what time a day.
Faster Bente

5. Niels Torrild - December 16, 2007

You know like Kanye west says “That don’t kill me

6. Niels Torrild - December 16, 2007

ups! ;P

7. Niels Torrild - December 16, 2007

You know like Kanye west says “That don’t kill me Can only make me stronger”.. must be something about it… when your’e growing older you can say to your kids “Stop complaining..!! you think that you have a long way to school! I had to go to America to go to school”… or when someone feel homesick you can say “that you were away for a whole year, so stop complaining about a few days in a hut in the middle of a big swedish forest 🙂 (that’s pretty boring by the way)… Miss you here in Denmark… see ya G 😉

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