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Grandma’s Boy December 10, 2007

Posted by Anders in Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, Hostfamily, Pictures, USA, weekend.

I have got a new grandma over here, and she is now my American Grandma. Well, let’s start with the first. Last weekend, not this, we went to Arkansas, so my sister could visit one of her friends. It was a twelve hour drive, and I was driving with Whitney, my mom and Russell, and of course Grandma, so I got to spend a little quality time with her while we were driving. She is this kind of open person, who is like everybody’s grandma, and we do all sorts of stuff with her. Well, while we were on this trip we got to talk really good, and I heard of her background which was kinda fun to hear. She was telling all this, while we were sitting alone in the motel room (she was also sharing the room with us), and it just felt so nice talking to her. We talked about when my mom was a little girl, and that she had to work four jobs to support herself as a single mother. We talked about my mom, and it was really nice talking to her  about it.

Talking to grandma was not the only thing happening on this trip. We started from Ohio on friday, and arrived early saturday morning (like 2:30 or something), so we went straight to bed, but we had to get up at 7:30 again. We drove back to Memphis Tennessee (about 45 minutes away from our motel), and we drove around in there. Because we were 9 people going (Shane, Marci, the twins, Whitney, Grandma, Russell, mom, me), we couldn’t really do anything, because mom was the only one who would pay, and it gets a lot more expensive when 9 people need something for $ 20. We saw a good bit of the ghetto area, because Shane couldn’t figure out how to drive, else he just like the ghetto, I don’t know.

Then after we toured the ghetto for a while, we decided to go to Graceland, where Elvis lived. It was fun to see the house, although we didn’t go on the guided tour, because they charged $60 just to see the old mans house. That was a little too pricy, but still we got to see the house, and the mourn wall, where all the tourists had written on it with sayings like “the King is still alive” and “We miss you Elvis”. Of course I brought my good old camera, so I took some pictures. As always, just click on the pictures to see them full size. Here they are:


Deep-fried froglegs like they only sell in Arkansas.


Me and Whitney having fun with my camera.


You travel all the way to Tennessee, just to come to the Denmark Travel Center!



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