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PS3 vs. Wii January 6, 2008

Posted by Anders in Funny, PS3, Wii.

Check this out

Makes you wanna buy a Wii, huh?



1. some dude - January 10, 2008

that was way funnier than it should have been. xbox 360 all the way

2. coop - June 6, 2008

ps3 is way better

3. JC - June 9, 2008

i dont get why people are saying wii’s are better. PS3 has way better games, way more feautres and a more populated online (even though 360’s have best online). all wii’s do is just play games. and they dont have any of the funnest games like rock band,grand theft auto 4 ect.

4. Anders - June 9, 2008

Personally I like the PS3 better, but this sketch is funny as hell, so I just take it from the sketch, since the Wii is the hot girl, and the PS3 is the nerdy girl. That’s just what I mean

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