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What a busy week! January 14, 2008

Posted by Anders in Clockwork, Drama, Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, Hostfamily, Norton, USA.

The weeks after long breaks always seem as long as the break itself, and the week after christmas break was no different! Especially because we started play practice, so I had to stay after school every single day except thursday, where we went to the mall to go shopping, except that I didn’t buy anything, because they didn’t have the game I wanted. I still have some christmas money left, so I am planning to buy a digital camera too, because my danish grandma sent me a 100 dollars. I found a really cool camera at Walmarts website, but I couldn’t buy it at the nearest Walmart, since they don’t have it at all. In fact they don’t have it in any Walmart 100 miles around my town, so I decided to order it from the website. First time I tried it, they cancelled the order the next day. I thought it was because I used abbreviations in my address, so I changed the address and tried again. The next day they cancelled it again, so I decided to call the customer service at Walmart. After looking for 15 minutes at the website, I finally found a phone number I could call at (1-800-WALMART, isn’t that obvious??), and I got hold of several different answermachines, until I got redirected to a real person. He told me that they didn’t currently take foreign credit cards, and since I only have a danish credit card, I can’t buy it. That really sucks because I really think it’s a cool camera, and it’s at a really cheap price.

It’s sunday evening now, and I am supposed to be in bed, since I have to go to school tomorrow which I don’t feel like because I am sick, but then on the other hand, this is only a four day week, and this is the last week of the semester, so I kinda have to go through it, since we have a lot of tests and semester exams and stuff like that. Plus I have play practice all week except tuesday! The good thing I can look forward to, is that it is a four day week, and I have both friday, saturday, sunday and monday off. Yay, me!

Well I’ll better go to bed now. That was a little about my exciting (!) first week after christmas break.



1. Aaron Wakling - January 14, 2008

I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Aaron Wakling

2. Anders - January 14, 2008

Well thank you. It’s cool to know that some people actually read this thing.

3. ARHostmom - January 18, 2008


You can buy a Walmart gift card at your local Walmart and then use that to buy what you want from their website. Just remember to put enough money on the gift card to cover the cost of the item and the shipping.

4. Anders - January 18, 2008

Hey thanks for the advice. Are your family hosting a foreign exchangestudent too? If so, where’s he/she from, and where do you guys live? It would be cool to talk more to you guys.


5. ARHostmom - January 19, 2008

You are welcome. Yes, my family is hosting 2 boys this year. A is from Hungary and M is from Poland. If you would like to email me, you should see my private email address underneath the comments. If you don’t see it, post here and I’ll get it to you another way.

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