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Norton Panthers vs. Coventry Comets January 18, 2008

Posted by Anders in Basketball, Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, High School, Norton, USA.

I just went to the most amazing basketball game of the season. It was absolutely crazy! We played against the Norton rivals Coventry, and we started off good by leading with about 15-20 points. Then something happened in the end of 3rd quarter. beginning of 4th quarter, and Coventry just kept on scoring and scoring until they were 1 point behind us. The worst part was that Norton kept on trying and trying, but they didn’t score at all, and when they did, Coventry was right back at them with another score. Plus this Coventry Cheerleader brat kept on slamming a metal cone down on the gym floor, which annoyed the crap out of everyone, since the Band is not allowed to play during the game, so she shouldn’t be allowed to do that either. Well, this went on until about a minute before the ended, until Norton scored 3 points (you can only score three points if you stand really far away), and then we were leading with 4 points. Someone from Coventry scored after that about 20 seconds before game over, and they went after a longshot, but fortunately they missed, so Norton won with 2 points. All the fans of the Norton Panthers (including me!) were screaming through the entire 4th quarter, so I literally have no voice now.

It was a really good game, and I am so glad that I went, even though I didn’t feel like it at first.



1. louni - January 19, 2008

Congratulations from Denmark ;D

The only basket games we care about over here is the ones being played in the start of the year xD The ones my class failed so bad XD

2. Anders - January 21, 2008

hehe.. well over here the whole school’s sports teams are a huge thing! Over here there’s something called schoolspirit, which I think is really cool! Everybody knows their school colors, everyone cheer for the teams when they play even though how much they suck. Although the basketball team is really good. We only lost 2 of maybe 12-14 games!

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