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New Camera January 23, 2008

Posted by Anders in Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, USA.

I finally got my new camera today. It is so cool. Remember, I need to write an email to my grandma and tell her what I got for the money she gave me. I got $100 from her, and I spent them on this awesome camera! 🙂



1. louni - January 24, 2008

Congratulations 😀 Promise me to take some good pictures of like everything XDn Except those sisters of yours.. the twins you know.

2. ARHostmom - January 25, 2008

I’m glad you got your camera. What kind of camera did you get? We take so many pictures in our family, by the time our two students return home each year, they have CD’s or DVD’s with thousands of pictures and videos. I make memory scrapbooks and video slide shows for them to share with their friends and family back home. Do you know the funniest question they are asked each year? “Did you ever eat at home?” I don’t take many pictures of us eating at home, but never leave the house without a camera so it looks like we only eat out. Enjoy your camera!

3. Anders - January 27, 2008

Well thank you. It is a Vivitar Vivicam from Walmart. It is really good. I had it with me, when I went to the Band competition, and it took some amazing pictures.

That is really funny that people think that you guys only eat out. But that is true. It seems more special to take pictures when you guys are eating out, than when you guys eat at home.

Hope it’s going well in your family.

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