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Exciting weekend February 10, 2008

Posted by Anders in Clockwork, Drama, Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, High School, Norton, Pictures, USA, weekend.

This weekend have been though. And yes, I have pictures. It started with friday. The big game day, I had been looking forward to all week. The day when Norton Panthers played the title game against Kent in basketball. It started out with play practice after school, where we took some unofficial pictures of the cast. I got a picture too of course. After the practice, there was only about 45 minutes till we had to be there for the Pep Band, and since they were closing off the school, Brad, Jordan and me decided to go to Starbucks to get some coffee or in my case some hot chocolate. When we came back at around 5:30 pm, there was already a huge crowd outside the school doors, since they only started letting people in after 5:30. Remember, the varsity (the main basketball team)  game would first start at 7:30. We had to push our way through to get in, and we got held back by a very grumpy teacher until Mr. Kaufman, one of the band directors told her that we were in the Band. Because we had to be there so early, he ordered pizza for us, so we could get dinner. It was a really good game, except for the ending. We started out leading the game. We were in the lead pretty much until the end. About 50 seconds before the game ended, we tied, and Kent scored in the last second, so they won by freaking two points. This was the title game, and Norton haven’t even been in the title game for 31 years, so it was really sad that we lost. The worst part was, that the Kent fans were trying to get fights started. There was this 50 year old woman who started to make funny gestures to the Pep Band people. Then Mr. Swartz, the Basketball coach, were literally turning red. He went over to her and asked her to leave the gym, and when she didn’t do what he said, he pushed her back with one hand, and yelled “Get out of my Gym!”. Mr. Swartz is a good guy, he just have a very big temper, and he is a really good basketball coach, after what I’ve heard. Another episode was, when Greg, one of my friends, was walking to his car, somebody tried to run him over, and he literally had to run to his car, so he wouldn’t get run over. After the game was really depressing, though. I heard that all the seniors on the team were crying down in the locker room. It needs to be told, that those people don’t cry at all, so it was really depressing.Saturday I had to get back to the school again, because we had to build the set for the play. We were about 20 people who showed up, though, so there weren’t much to do, although we had fun anyways, playing basketball for fun, and just messing around with each other. Then me and two other seniors snug up to the prop loft and signed it with our names on the wall. All the walls of the prop loft is covered with signatures of old students who were in the plays, and some of the signatures go all the way back to the 1980’s.At last I have some pictures:
 Working hard!
The game. Panthers are in white and red.
From left: Sarah, Colleen, me, Travis, Brad.
The cast of Clockwork. Back row from left: Amy, Rachel, Liz.
Middle row from left: Vicky, Nina, Kayla, Megan, Brittney, Emily, Joe, Zack, Jordan.
Front row from left: Anders (me), Kelly.  



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