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Two months with the girlfriend April 27, 2008

Posted by Anders in Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, Girlfriend, Hostfamily, Megan, Norton, weekend.

So yesterday was actually our two month day, but since she was busy and I was kinda busy too, we decided to go on a date today (sunday) instead of yesterday. I had told her friday night that I wanted to take her to the mall, rather have her drive us, since I can’t drive a car :S. She said she had to go to her grandma’s house saturday night, so we decided to do it sunday, so we would have more time. I was pretty excited, since I had already planned out where in the mall we were going. She picked me up around 1 o’clock, and we drove to the mall, where we found this italian restaurant where we had lunch. The food was really good, real italian, even with french fries that had parmasan spread over them. Not as bad as it sounds.

I paid for the food, and we went into the mall. The restaurant was built in the same building as the mall itself, except that it had a separate entrance, and you couldn’t just walk through to get into the mall. There I kinda lead the way. We were looking at some shops until we came to our destination, the Build-A-Bear Workshop. I had planned this out for a couple of days now, that I would take her to that workshop, and we would make a bear for her. She didn’t expect that, and she was very happy when she found out what was going on. She really loved it. We ended up making a monkey with a graduation dress on it, since she is graduating this year. It was really fun making the bear, and I could tell she was really enjoying it. After she made her monkey, we just walked around the mall, holding hands and looked at the different shops, until we ended up at Starbucks Coffee shop, where we had something to drink. We stayed there a little while just talking and having fun. After that, she took me home. She just kinda parked in the driveway and we said goodbye, but when I came inside, my mom wanted to see the bear we made. She already knew that we were going there, of course, so I called Megan and she turned around and came back and showed her the monkey, and we all talked for a little while.

This was a really good date, and it was our first real date, too. We’ve spend time together, and she’s been over here a couple of times, but this was a real date, and we need to do this more often. Just need to find a new idea of what to do. Maybe we could go to the movies or something…



1. Line - April 28, 2008

That sounds so romantic!! 🙂
I love the idea with the bear. that’s so cute 🙂

2. Anders - April 28, 2008

Yeah I could just tell that she was really happy surprised about going in there, the way she was smiling. It was really fun.

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