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I am very liberal!! May 7, 2008

Posted by Anders in Exchange student, Exchangeprogram, High School, liberal, Norton, Politics, USA.

Today we took a personality test in American Government. The test was called “How Liberal are you?”. You would answer yes or no on a lot of questions, and they would add up. The higher the score, the more liberal you are. I got a 47 out of 59, which was the second highest in my class. I would have gotten higher if I had understood a couple of the questions correctly, but people kinda laughed, since I have been known to express very socialistic views in class, like I have said that access to free healthcare should be a basic right, which my teacher Mrs. Vaill got really excited about that I said,¬†because she also is very liberal. I like Mrs. Vaill. She is one of the good social studies teachers, even though a lot of people find her classes boring. Well at least I don’t have to copy 6 pages of tiny computer print into my notebook once every couple of months, like I do in my other Social Studies class taught by Mr. Weber.



1. louni - May 8, 2008

But liberalism is negative xD Socialism is teh bestestest!

2. Anders - May 8, 2008

Here in America there is only two parties, and to be liberal over here means to be a socialist too. Over here the Liberals (or democrats as they call themselves) believe in a lot of the stuff socialism believes in too.

But yes, I like the socialism idea too!

3. Louni - May 9, 2008

Yea, I know that XD But their not socialistic enough :p

4. Louni - May 9, 2008


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