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Another fish died May 28, 2008

Posted by Anders in Uncategorized.

Yesterday at 12:02 in the night, I flushed one of my fish in the toilet. It had been sick looking all day, and when I woke up and saw it was dead, it got it’s little funeral. So time of flush: 0:02!

Now I only have 2 fish left from the Cherry Blossom carnival, and I am actually surprised they lasted this long.



1. liyani - October 15, 2008

my goldfish just died, im so sad, i just got it yesterday.. i dont know why! it was fine then as the day progressed she started bein distant n when i got home she was dead! sideways, i had to call my lil sister to get it out for me, i just couldnt look..

2. liyani - October 15, 2008

funny thing is my other 2 r still alive, hmmm???

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