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Busdrivers in Denmark September 4, 2008

Posted by Anders in Busdriver, Culture.

I’m admitting it. Even though Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world, a lot of us are running around unhappy. Especially in the morning. I take a bus to school every morning. No, it is not a schoolbus, but a public bus where not only students (although a lot of them are students) but everyone can use. Something I have noticed is that they do not smile at all. Most of them are just sitting there looking like they hate it and can’t stand their job. They probably feel that way, anyway.

Sometimes I can understand, though, why they look so mad. It must be a really crappy job to drive around a bunch of annoying students. There is one bus that transport mainly students from the trainstation out to the schools lying in the outer rim of the city. The busdrivers get yelled at, students provoke them, and some are just rude to them, but still, if they were just smiling to them just once in a while then they would probably give a smile back, other than all that other stuff.

So if any busdrivers read this, remember, smile at the passengers and they will probably smile back!